Complete Guides for Understanding Different Types of Beds.

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There are some many terms used in the bedding industry. No wonder that the bedding section in most department stores is large.

Get to know more about different bedding set’s types here.

1. Top Sheet

Top Sheet

The top sheet is widely used in North America but this item is less common in Europe. The top sheet or flat sheet used to separate your quilt, blanket, and comforter from your body. Unlike the one used in North America, the tops sheet is usually placed by duvet covers.

2. Bedspread

A bedspread is actually a decorative material that comes with a thin look. The stuff is commonly used to cover the whole part of a bed and it placed in a certain position so that it can touch the floor. Some of the most common materials used for bedspread are polyester, wool, chenille, and cotton.

3. Comforter

Comforter sets are actually bed covers that commonly stuffed with fibers and then be sewed to unite the four sides altogether. The items are used to keep you warm when you are sleeping on cold nights. Most of the time, comforter sets that are available in the market now made of polyester or cotton.

4. Duvet

Duvet comes with an almost similar look and function with a comforter. That makes duvet different from the previous stuff is that you will need a duvet cover if you want to use it. Generally, duvet comes with solid white color and filled with down. If it is necessary, you can also find a duvet that is stuffed with down alternative in the market.

5. Continental or Euro Pillow
Euro Pillow

This kind of pillow comes with relatively large size with square shape. This is actually a decorative pillow that is placed by sitting it back against the headboard. If you have a trundle bed at home, this kind of pillow will also look great on it. Just imagine you lean your back on the pillow while reading your favorite book. This decorative pillow can be very functional if you know how to use it.

6. Blanket

Most people have blankets to complement their bedding at home. There are some interesting ways you can do to use the blankets. For example, you can use the item on its own. But, if you want to have something different about the blanket, you can put duvet, comforter, or attractive quilt on it. For a toddler bed, make sure that you use a blanket from safe material to avoid allergy to your baby. Some of the most common materials used to make blankets include cotton, wool, microfiber plush, polyester, and also blend of fibers.

7. Coverlet

Another term related to bedding that you should know is coverlet. This item is actually a decorative fabric that is used to cover a bed. However, the covering does not include cover the pillows nor touch the floor. Some of the bedding items that are included in coverlet are quilts and woven coverlet. This kind of bedding item will really look good to be applied on your air mattress. Not only that, the artistic side of the stuff can also help you to create a chic look in your bedroom.


Smart Tips to Dress Your Bed Like a Professional Designer


Dressing your bed like a professional designer? Here are some smart tips to help you style your bedding set like the one created by a pro.

1. Duvet Covers with Reversible Style

Duvet covers that can be reversed are now the most bedding style chosen by people. Despite the ease you can get from this style to dress your bed, there are some other advantages you can get from it. This type of bed will make it possible for you to have more than one options to choose from. With the reversible duvet covers, you will be allowed to change the look of the bed for every single day! However, if you prefer to have an additional feature with an amazing look, you can turn down the duvet. This is such a great way to change the ambiance in your bedroom easily every day.

2. Put Throws on the Bed

Most of the time, placing throws on comforter sets will always successfully transform the look of your bedroom. The best way to dress your bedding item with throws is by making sure that you do not fold them to neatly on the bottom of your bed. The current trend for applying throws in the bedroom is placing them in such a way to create a more informal look. It can be done by casually cover the corner of the bed by using the throws. In this way, your bedding set looks elegant but keep in a more casual style. This will also create a comfortable atmosphere to enable you to sleep well at night.

3. Cushions

It doesn’t matter what kind of bedding sets you have at home, but the cushion is always important to create a super stylish bed. There is a good tip that will not let you down related to the cushion selection. The best way to make the item work well for you is by mix and match it. You can use different combinations of designs, textures, colors, and shapes to create a harmonious look. Make sure that you use the cushions in a non-uniform arrangement to create an unusual effect to the room. Either it is trundle bed, toddler bed, or air mattress, cushions can always bring different touch the bedding sets.

4. Apply Color Palette or Specific Theme

In every bedroom, it is the bed that should the center of attention. To make your bed becomes the focal point in your room, you are recommended to apply a bold design. After that, you should ensure that you create a specific theme around the design of the bedding. For instance, if you set a botanical theme for the bedding design, you can use beautiful green plants to complement it. You can also apply colorful paint on the wall to strengthen the effect resulted.

5. Quality Bedding for Fantastic Design

Last but not least, you should pay attention to the quality of the bedding that you choose for your bedroom. To dress your bedding in such a professional way, the quality of the item will influence the overall look of the bed. Make sure to pick up the best bedding that meets your budget. Not only makes your bed looks more beautiful, but high-quality bedding can be a good investment in the future.


A Useful Get to Get Your Bedding Sets


Having a good-quality of comforter sets will give you a dreamy night sleep. Spending much time in a bed requires us to choose bedding that meets our needs. Here a useful get to get your bedding sets.

1. Mattress pads with good material

a useful get to get your bedding sets

There are some add-ons that come with extra padding to keep mattress clean from allergens and dust.
Materials of mattress pad are various including cotton, wool, as well as latex.
The best choice is actually the ones with the features you need. The depth of mattress comes around 9 to 14 inches with a pad with a little more weight.

Checking the depth is important before buying an air mattress. So that you can search for extra deep choice for a perfect fit if the depth is more than 14 inches.

2. Considering the sheets

a useful get to get your bedding sets

Thread count, material, and weave are three major considerations for purchasing sheets. Those three factors will affect the look and feel of the bedding.

Some of the sheets offer warm feel while the others come with a sleek look and cooler feel. Having many stocks of sheets is useful for you at least for bed, linen closet and laundry.
It is not only making sure you have clean sheets but also to help reducing wear especially if you have a trundle bed.

3. Get a comfortable top layer

a useful get to get your bedding sets

The top layer of the bed is an important part that affects the comfort of the bed.
Hence, make sure you select top layers that provide both warmth and style. It will be better than you can change it for a season.

When it comes to a bedspread, there are four options that you can choose. It includes comforters, duvets covers, quilts or coverlets. Comforter comes in various types ranging from the lightest to the heaviest. Each of them comes with different level warmth, texture, and comfort.

Get to know about the type of your bed before so that you are able to get the right choice. Bedding sets actually are a simple way to cover the top layers of the bed so it comes in style. A set of bedding usually consists of a comforter, duvet with covers, and similar pillow shams.

4. Choose a perfect pillow

a useful get to get your bedding sets

As you lay the head a night on a bed pillow. You can determine whether the pillow is suitable or not with your sleeping habits.
It can be decided based on the back, stomach or side part. Pillows have an important role in how you get a dreamy sleep at night.

It will be good for you to change the pillow once in 12 to 18 months. It is because the pillow often becomes harder and less comfortable.

Consider about materials used to make the pillow since there are a lot of pillows available in the market today with do not use real cotton for its filling.

Using decorative pillows is acceptable and provides good finishing touch. It allows you to add a little bit stale in the bedroom as well as comfort that can be swapped at any time. Bedding sets consisting of five to seven pieces usually come with this type of pillow. These pillows are good both for adult and toddler bed.


Simple Tips to Choose the Perfect Color for Your Bedding Sets

Color is one of the most important elements when choosing bedding sets. Here are simple tips to follow so you can find bedding sets with the rightest colors.

1. Have a Plan First

To choose the rightest color, you need to know the style of bedding sets that you prefer the most first. Either it is comforter sets, trundle bed, or air mattress, you have to know what you like. Creating a mood board will help the choosing process can be much easier to do. You can make the board by literally swatching your favorite colors to the stuff. If it is hard for you to get the inspiration, you can search it on the internet. Once you finish the mood board, you will soon get a vision of the bedding color you should opt.

2. Patterned Bedding VS Solid Colors

Pattern bedding will be suitable the most to be applied on a toddler bed. The colorful patterns used in the bedding will help to cheer up your kid’s bedroom. This will also help your tots to learn more about colors and shapes by using the patterns. Moreover, the bedding will provide you with the flexibility to use various colors at once without being looked so overwhelming.

Meanwhile, a bedding set that comes with solid colors can help to upgrade your bedroom design. The monochromatic color scheme will be very ideal for solid color bedding. You can start with your favorite main colors and then you should layer them with darker and lighter shades of the same colors.

3. Wisely Select Your Fabric

The right picking up of bedding fabric will contribute to the creation of harmony in your bedroom. Fabric that comes with a sheen can either bright or dark your room. It is a more formal choice if compared to matte or cotton fabrics. The sheen will also create an effect of a glamorous vibe and this kind of bedding fabric is suitable for duvet covers. Meanwhile, velvet is considered to be a more lavish choice that can absorb light available in the dark bedroom. However, if you wish to create modern accents with a perfect base in your bedroom, picking up the monochromatic scheme applied on textured fabrics can be the best choice to take.

4. Eclectic VS Matchy Elements

Picking up a bedding set with matching elements is the easiest way to decorate your bedroom. Moreover, most of the bedding sets available in the market now come with matching appearance. However, if you want to create a less matchy look in the room, you can design bedding ensemble of your own. To avoid random look to the overall design, you can apply one or two unifying colors on the bedding items. For example, you can apply a striped bed skirt and the floral pattern for the duvet.

5. Play with Accents

Adding accents to the bedding set is one of the easiest ways to create a different look to your bedroom. For example, you can manage to pick up accent pillows which are selected separately from the bedding set. You can also place colorful water carafe on a table beside your bed.


Know These Before Buying Bedding Sets


A simple way to make your bedroom look good is by having a bedding set. The set will make the colors on each thing relatable and you do not need to put more effort into finding products with relatable colors.

Despite its practicality, there are some things you should concern about.

They are the bedding set element, type, size, and material.

1. Elements

Normally, bedding sets contain fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcases, pillow shams, comforter, bedspread. Those elements have the same color or pattern on the fabric. In some sets, they even include curtains with matching colors. Before buying a bedding set, you need to remember or check what furniture is in your room that needs bedding sets.

It is because many sets includ different elements, so choosing the sets with the right element is desired. Different types of bed also require different elements. Trundle bed and toddler bed, for example, does not need pillow shams or neck rolls like adult beds.

2. Types

Types bedding sets

There are even more sets in bedding sets. Like comforter sets, pillowcase sets, bedspread sets, and others. Some product can be undetailed by stating bedding set but contain comforter sets only. It is why you have to double check a bedding set before purchasing it.

To make the bedding set match with your furniture, you also need to know the type of your furniture or at least the bed.

Whether it is a classic one or a modern one, the color or pattern on the bedding set will affect your furniture greatly.

3. Sizes

bedding sets sizes

Size is one thing also matters in bedding sets. Since size could determine whether a fabric suit the bedding element or not, measuring the size is a thing must be done. When you buy too small bedding sets, surely it will not fit and become a waste. Many bedding elements such as a bed or pillow which are not adjustable. However, some mattress such as an air mattress, the size is still could be adjusted since it is built from flexible materials.

To overcome the unfitted sizes, bedding sets and the furniture have the standardized size. So if you buy it from a shop not order it as a customized product, the product has the universal size. In general there some category for size globally they are UK size, Japan size, American size, North American size, European size, and Australian or New Zealand size.

Each of those categories still has their own sub-categories for the size level like small, medium, big.

4. Materials

Materials bedding sets

Covers are the element which dominates bedding sets. There are duvet covers, pillowcase, fitted sheet, and those elements are mostly built up of fabric. That is why considering the fabric material is crucial since it will directly touch your skin. Ideally, the material for bedding sets should have smooth, clean, strong, natural, and absorb fiber.

The common materials that contain that fiber are cotton, sateen, and polyester. Since you must clean the sets routinely, you should also consider the washable materials for your bedding sets.


How to Purchase a Good Comforter Sets


Comforter sets happen to be such a piece that will affect your comfortable sleep. They are something to look forward to those who dream better sleep. Check these buying tips!

Choose based on the size

When you want to get the best comforter, you do not need to strictly follow the rules of mattress dimensions. Down comforters are designed to fit all types of beds including twins, doubles, kings, and queen. However, if you want to get a down comforter that not only fit with the top of the mattress, you can select a comforter that is one size larger than the mattress size. It is particularly useful if you have a partner that uses half of the air mattress when sleeping.

Consider about warmth

Choose a comforter based on the level of warmth you prefer. A comforter is available in different types of weights so that you can find from super light to heavy. The weight of comforter is affected by its fillings. A lighter comforter comes with fill power ranges from 500 to 550 is more suitable if you live in a warm climate with less cold months. Meanwhile, if you live in a region with long cold winters, it is better for you to choose down comforter coming with a fill power of 700 or higher.

Be sure to check out a useful get to get your bedding sets before to purchase.

1. Be aware with a thread count

Whether you are buying a comforter for adult or toddler bed, you have to put thread count into your main deliberation. Although you can find a comforter with a 200s thread count the good quality of comforter commonly comes with 400 or higher. Since it basically needs a cover to protect from any stain, looking for high thread count will be better. It is because the higher the thread count, the softer the fabric when touches your skin. Comforter with a tighter weave, it is unlikely for it to escape through small gaps on the fabrics no matter it comes with a cover or not.

2. Purchase for baffled down type

Baffles seem to appear like channels or decorative sewing. This type of comforter comes with slim vertical fabric inside which is to keep it on the place without moving from one side to another as well as maximize the loft. Many people prefer baffled type compared with sewn-through either for single or trundle bed. It is because both of them have similar look and comes with surface stitching. Sewn-through type comes in high quality but their loft cannot be expanded to the maximum potential.

3. Complete the comforter with cover

To complete its comfort, look for an attractive as well as protective cover for your comforter. Even though you can wash it in your own, this allows you to have easier care when you do the laundry process. The majority of people like to choose to ask help from professional dry cleaner for better care of this bedding piece. It is a simple thing to do rather than spending much time by doing on their own. However, you can make the comforter remains clean and reduce the frequency of wash by buying duvet covers.