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  1. Background

    @Xtra I've PM'ed you buddy, a slight change (as the background is now sorted). I managed to re-create, after locating some new floral brushes.
  2. Background

    @Xtra: Would you still be able to help me with this? I just need to replicate the floral patterns now, as the theme I use does a great job covering up the middle areas. I have edited the background, adding the butterflies and this looks good to me. I'd appreciate it - hopefully you haven't given up creating themes.
  3. Background

    Thanks for looking into this @Xtra, please don't rush - I value that you are helping.
  4. Background

    I don't need the banner image of the boy, also can you make the butterflies clearer? The floaral patterns - could make them a bit more similar, with the left behing green and white at the top and right side being white, with a tiny green one coming out above it? The light burst, I am not keen of near the top. Can you make the rainbow effect for the logo area? Enchaning the magic dust trail a little. I like the scriggles, it looks cool - perhaps they can be put further into the backround, perhaps fainter also. Thank you
  5. Background

    No need to be sorry bud, I will PM you the PSD. I've managed to do little of it, yet it should be a good start - I might finally be able to increase my site's width and fix a browser issue.
  6. Background

    Would you be able to recreate the floral patterns of the background @Xtra? I've got a PSD I can pass onto you, as I've started replicating it but I can't do the floral parts or the sprinkle effect/logo area. I'd appreciate any help
  7. Theme customization

    Good offer bud, you should get some takers on this.
  8. This is very cool! I would have a go myself but I know I wouldn't be able to complete is successfully.
  9. Space nebula abstract wallpaper

    Reminds me of the 80's Transformers cartoon movie, awesome!
  10. By far the best!

    The Pro Gamer looks a suitable option actually, yet the above would be awesome for 4.1 - keep up the great work!
  11. By far the best!

    The themes here are by far the best I have seen released, especially your 'dark' styles. So far however, I haven't had the need for a dark theme until now and searching IPS - I noticed this. Do you have any plans to upgrade it to 4.1? What I find about your skins is that they appear to be very customizable! I also think they have a 'premium' feel to them, which is refreshing because quite a lot of IPS skins require a lot of work to get them to that standard. Of course the support and price seems excellent also. Keep up the great job!
  12. I feel like my dad, I haven't played either and I don't actually know what they're like. Very out of touch with gaming, I wonder if I asked my son (9 years-old) if he knows them - I bet he would reply yes. *Sigh I feel old and I'm not even 30 yet. LOL
  13. Xtra Themes is here!

    Looking forward to seeing this place grow, yet there's no doubt about the quality of the skins!