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    My new theme that Xtra as been working on is now completed and live on my site. If you want to see what he has accomplished please feel free to drop by my site and check it out!! My personal Thanks to Mark for all his hard work in bringing my vision to life. The theme is exactly as I was hoping for and the support has been exceptional. Live view at http://mappersunited.com Cheers, Steve Owner, Mappers United
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    I am working with Xtra right now to modify one of his stock themes to work with my requirements. I think we are having a lot of fun bringing my vision to life and speaking for myself I know that I am really enjoying the experience!! The theme is getting close to completion and when it is done I will release the url for my site so that anyone can take a peek at what can be accomplished by this very gifted individual. If I had three thumbs then he would get three thumbs up!!
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    Thanks Steve for the kind words I appreciate the feedback.Your input has helped me a lot.
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    Enjoy ,please credit me if you use this in any way.
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    The themes here are by far the best I have seen released, especially your 'dark' styles. So far however, I haven't had the need for a dark theme until now and searching IPS - I noticed this. Do you have any plans to upgrade it to 4.1? What I find about your skins is that they appear to be very customizable! I also think they have a 'premium' feel to them, which is refreshing because quite a lot of IPS skins require a lot of work to get them to that standard. Of course the support and price seems excellent also. Keep up the great job!
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    il get something done this weekend i have been really busy im also in the middle of making a new theme.
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    Hi joey sorry for the late response.Yes i can create something like this very easily
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    Hello all,during the holiday season i am offering a reduced rate on theme customization.Whether it be a theme of mine or a theme you currently own.I can tweak it for you to really make it pop on your site! the rate is reduced during the holiday season,please pm me for a quote for your work!
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    This is very cool! I would have a go myself but I know I wouldn't be able to complete is successfully.
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    Heres another sig tut i made when i used to run a gfx site.Hope you find it useful ,enjoy
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    Reminds me of the 80's Transformers cartoon movie, awesome!
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    Heres another wallpaper/resource to use in a design.Feel free to use this but please link back to the source if you do.
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    Thanks Joey,I will still look at bringing the mk theme up to 4.1
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    The Pro Gamer looks a suitable option actually, yet the above would be awesome for 4.1 - keep up the great work!
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    Thanks for the feedback I will be bringing that theme to 4.1 at some stage,just been busy releasing new work and dealing with clients lately.
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    Gaming has always been a hobby of mine,as well as photoshop and web development.Ive played both and i have to say they both have their pros and cons but i dont want to be biased.
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    Looking forward to seeing this place grow, yet there's no doubt about the quality of the skins!
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    Hello everyone and welcome to Xtra Themes! This is where we craft beautiful themes for your website whatever the platform we can build it for you.Our experienced team can help take your site to the next level.This is the start of something very special! Stay tuned folks for more updates.As we build the site we will be offering discounts on various themes and packages!